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Manila’s Water Shortage

Via Future Directions International, a report on Manila’s water challenges: The recent water shortage in the Philippines caused massive interruptions in the daily lives of some sections of the population. The effects of the shortage are most apparent in Manila, the capital and heartland of the Philippines. The shortage seems to have begun in early […]

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Philippines: Deforestation, Dying Rivers Leading To Water Wars

Via The Eurasia Review, commentary on water scarcity in the Philippines: An eerie calm exists over the villages of Fedelisan, Sagada and Dalican of Bontoc of Mountain Province, Philippines. It is because, there is no telling how many killings will again turn the pristine waters red. Not too long ago, ten people died and scores […]

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Building Resilience for Peace: Water, Security, and Strategic Interests in Philippines

Via New Security Beat, interesting commentary on a security approach that combines defense, diplomacy, and development efforts to promote improved governance, social stability, and climate resilience in Philippines: The Philippines faces a breadth of social and environmental challenges that threaten its economic and political stability. A long history of violent conflict stemming from ethnic, religious, and political tensions is further complicated by changing […]

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