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Water: National Security Challenge For Pakistan

Via Pakistan’s Frontier Post, commentary on the water security challenge facing Pakistan: South Asia is home to around quarter of the world’s population and also one of the most water stressed regions in the world. In South Asia, Pakistan is facing a distressing decrease in water resources and yet authorities in Pakistan are unable or […]

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Pakistan’s Water Crisis

Via Pakistan’s Technology Times, commentary on Pakistan’s water crisis: Water crisis are threatening Pakistan as the country faces a serious water crisis as per capita water availability falls due to gradual unavailability of freshwater supplies and the rising demands of the country’s expanding population. As per the National Annual Plan 2019-20, during the last 71 […]

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Looming Water Crisis For 270 Million South Asians

Courtesy of National Geographic, a detailed report on how, while melting ice is crucial to the thirsty Indus River region, the flow is projected to decline, posing risks for agriculture and a growing population: From near Mount Kangrinboqe in Tibet rise four major rivers, which stretch east and west across the Himalaya and down to […]

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Pakistan Forges Ahead With Diamer-Basha Dam With China’s Support

Via Eurasia Review, commentary on a joint Chinese – Pakistani venture to develop a new dam on the Indus River: Pakistan signed on May 14 a 442 billion Pakistan rupees contract for a joint venture with the Chinese state-run China Power and Frontier Works Organisation (FWO), the commercial arm of the Pakistan military. The deal was […]

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Water Scarcity In Pakistan – A Bigger Threat Than Terrorism

Via Deutsche Welle, an article on a UNDP report says that Pakistani authorities are negligent about an impending water crisis that is posing a serious threat to the country’s stability: The major threat that Pakistan faces today is not Islamist terrorism but water scarcity. While the former makes headlines all over the world, the latter is […]

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Economic and Political Challenges Limit Progress on Water Security in Pakistan

Via Future Directions International, a report on Pakistan’s economic challenges to improving the nation’s water security: Key Points Pakistan is a food surplus country but experiences high levels of food insecurity, mainly due to poor access. Most Pakistani households are unable to afford nutritious diets. Rates of malnutrition are alarmingly high. Close to half of […]

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