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Indus Water Talks Resolve Little, But Raise Hope For Dialogue

Via Third Pole, a report on the recent Indus Water Treaty meeting where – even as Pakistan’s questions about Indian hydropower projects went unanswered – both sides at the  showed an intention to engage: On March 23-24, the Permanent Indus Commissioners (PIC) of India and Pakistan met in New Delhi. The commission, tasked with addressing […]

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After Two-Year Pause, Indus Water Talks Take Off Between India, Pakistan

Via The Indian Express, a report on the resumption of talks to resolve outstanding issues under the Indus Waters Treaty: The Indus Commissioners of India and Pakistan met for the first time in over two years in New Delhi on Tuesday in a bid to resolve a host of outstanding issues under the Indus Waters […]

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Pakistan Is Slowly Running Out of Water

Via The National Interest, a report on Pakistan’s worsening freshwater scarcity problem: Freshwater is a finite and scarce resource on earth. According to the United Nations, it is feared that as many as 1.8 billion people, especially those living in Asia, will face acute water scarcity by 2025. The increase in per capita demand for water due to rising […]

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The Cost of Pakistan’s Dam Obsession

Via The Diplomat, a report on Pakistan’s water woes, and its inclination to address such via dams which carry steep costs – literally and figuratively: In August 2018, seated behind a large desk and looking straight into the camera for his inaugural address, Prime Minister Imran Khan declared that building dams was the only way […]

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Pakistan’s Climate Challenges: Water and Heat

Via the Technology Times, a report on the climate challenges facing Pakistan: The paramount challenges that climate change poses to Pakistan are related to water and heat. Pakistan’s upslope contour from glacial mountains in the north to the south’s lowland areas stages a conundrum in front of the decision-makers. Despite its trivial contribution, Pakistan will face the direful […]

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Who Owns Groundwater In Water-Stressed Pakistan?

Via Third Pole, a look at two laws recently passed in Pakistan that could radically change how water is managed: Pakistan ranks fourth in the world in terms of annual groundwater abstraction – the amount of water taken from an underground source. This puts it in close competition with larger countries such as India, China and the United […]

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