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In Afghanistan, Political Upheaval Aggravates Drought-Fueled Famine

Via Circle of Blue, a sad report of how political turmoil has thrust Afghanistan - which has facing a drought-induced hunger crisis since last year – into famine: Well before Afghanistan’s political upheaval this summer, drought was pushing the country to the brink of a food crisis. Now, a whirlwind of risk factors have accelerated the […]

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Syria Reservoir Dries Up For First Time

Via Terra Daily, an article on continuing indications of Syria’s drought: Low rainfall, structural damage and extraction by struggling farmers have emptied a key reservoir in northwestern Syria, leaving it completely dry for the first time, farmers and officials told AFP. With man-made climate change increasing the frequency of drought and wildfires worldwide, Syria is […]

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Iranian Farmers Protest Drought

Via Terra Daily, a report on recent water protests in Iran: Hundreds of farmers rallied in Iran’s central city of Isfahan to decry the drying up of its river and the impact of drought, state media reported on Friday. Images broadcast on state television showed several hundred people gathered in the dry bed of the […]

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Scientists Project Increased Risk To Water Supplies In South Africa This Century

Via Terra Daily, an article on scientific projections around increased risk sto water supplies in South Africa this century: In 2018, Cape Town, South Africa’s second most populous city, came very close to running out of water as the multi-year “Day Zero” drought depleted its reservoirs. Since then, researchers from Stanford University determined that climate […]

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Droughts In The Middle East: Here To Stay

Via UAE’s The National, a report on Middle Eastern water scarcity: With an unprecedented number of droughts afflicting every corner of the world this year, it is clear that even the swiftest efforts to curb more variable rainfall and rising temperatures will be too late to prevent future water shortages. A new report from the […]

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How Yemen Chewed Itself Dry: Farming Qat, Wasting Water

Courtesy of Foreign Affairs (subscription required), a dated but interesting article on Yemen’s qat-related water scarcity issue: In a little over a decade, Sana’a, Yemen, may become the world’s first capital to run out of water. Failed governance and environmental mismanagement share some of the blame for drying up the city. But there is also […]

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