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A River Used To Run Through It: Handling A Dwindling Rio Grande

Via The Guardian, a report on how the Rio Grande used to flow freely, but now in Las Cruces, humans, fish and plants are vying for water in the arid landscape: Imagine the world without its most famous rivers: Egypt without the Nile, or London without the Thames. In Las Cruces, New Mexico, residents don’t have […]

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Mexico’s Water Dispute With the U.S. Is a Symptom of Its Governance Crisis

Via World Politics Review, commentary on US / Mexico water tensions: For nearly 75 years, the United States and Mexico have transferred giant quantities of water to each other each year as part of a system set up to ensure the equitable sharing of water sheds that straddle their border. The terms and obligations are […]

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Cross Border Fight Over Water Erupts In Mexico

Via The New York Times, a report on the La Boquilla Dam, which was seized from the government by local farmers amid a water dispute with the United States: The farmers armed themselves with sticks, rocks and homemade shields, ambushed hundreds of soldiers guarding a dam and seized control of one of the border region’s most […]

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Water Conflicts in International Rivers

Via ESRI, a report on water conflicts on international rivers: October 24, 2020 is the deadline of the U.S water debt in which Mexico still has to release about 300 million cubic meters of water to the Rio Grande. The U.S. water debt is part of the 1944 treaty about the water utilization of the Rio Grande, Colorado and Tijuana […]

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Conflict over U.S.-Mexico Water Treaty Escalates as Farmers Take La Boquilla Dam

Courtesy of Circle of Blue, a look at growing water tension between the U.S. and Mexico: Tensions between Mexico and the United States over water intensified this month as hundreds of Mexican farmers seized control of La Boquilla dam in protest over mandatory water releases. The protesters came from parched Chihuahua state, nearly 100 square […]

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Mexican Water Wars Turn Deadly

Via Yahoo! News, a report on Mexican water related violence: Mexico’s water wars have turned deadly. A long-simmering dispute about shared water rights between Mexico and the United States has erupted into open clashes pitting Mexican National Guard troops against farmers, ranchers and others who seized a dam in northern Chihuahua state. A 35-year-old mother of three […]

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