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Jordan-Israel Tensions Could be Source of Conflict or Co-operation over Water Resources

Via Future Directions International, a report on water related tensions and opportunities between Jordan and Israel: Israel has met with surprise and concern the announcement that Jordan will not renewthe lease over two areas of land currently administered by Israel. The response from the Israeli Agriculture Minister, Uri Ariel, was especially strong, he threatened that Israel could […]

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Gaza’s Dying of Thirst

Via Daily Beast, an article on Gaza’s water system which is on the verge of “collapse”: Mohammed Nimnim carries the water for his family.  On a scorching late morning last summer, the 15-year-old pushed an old wheelchair piled high with empty plastic jugs through Gaza’s Shati (Beach) refugee camp.  He rattled past modest groceries, makeshift tire […]

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Peer To Peer Water Diplomacy: A Solution to the Iranian Water Crisis?

Via Future Directions International, some commentary on an interesting – yet potentially controversial – effort by Israel to help Iran mitigate its water crisis: Background In a previous Strategic Analysis Paper, this author described how the blame for Iran’s water crisis rests with the Islamic theocracy in Tehran. The reformation or removal of the regime itself is easier […]

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Israel’s New Desalination Plants Offset More Than Just Drought

Via Future Directions International, a look at Israel’s water security and desalination program: In early April this year, the Israeli Ministry of Energy and Water announced plans to build two new desalination plants. This year is Israel’s fifth year of drought and the introduction of two new desalination plants is a good example of its tenacious efforts […]

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Israel: Effective Supply-Side Solutions but is Water Security Still Threatened?

Via Future Directions International, a look at Israel’s water security: Background With two-thirds of the country classed as arid, and the other third semi-arid, Israel has always had to generate creative solutions to ensure that it remains water-secure. Israel has successfully generated surplus water, an effort that is praised by countries facing similar water shortages. […]

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Water: From Thales to Israeli-Palestinian Apartheid

Via The Politic, thoughtful commentary on how an ancient philosopher’s theory brings water politics in Israel and Palestine to the fore: ON A SCORCHING day in Tel Aviv, a child kicks off her flip flops and dives into her family’s private pool. Her mother, watering can in hand, watches her play from across the garden. About one […]

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