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Iranian Red Crescent Society Launches Water Donation Campaign

Via The Tehran Times, an article on an Iranian water donation campaign aiming to ease drought in four (4) provinces: The Iranian Red Crescent Society (IRCS) will launch a campaign for the second time to solicit public donations to ease water stress in four provinces of the country. Called Nazr-e Ab (literally meaning water donation), […]

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Iran: Running Out Of Water

Via The Iran Project, brief commentary on Iran’s water scarcity crisis: Water-intensive lifestyle, lack of long-term plans to efficiently use the limited water resources, inadequate investment to develop water infrastructure and sacrificing national interest at the altar of personal gain are among visible reasons why pleas, plans and proposals to use less water across all […]

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Drought and Over-pumping Causing Tehran To Sink

Via Green Prophet, a report on growing incidence of sinkholes in Tehran: Thanks to drought and over-pumping underground water reserves in the western region of Tehran, Iran’s capital city, fissures also known as sinkholes are opening up, causing Iran’s major city and capital city to sink. The sinkholes threaten people’s homes and the local infrastructure. […]

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Iranian Lawmakers Fight Over Water Share

Via Al Monitor, an article on Iran’s water crisis: Eighteen lawmakers representing constituencies from the central Iranian province of Esfahan, where water scarcity has reached an alarming state, have resigned collectively in a symbolic move against what they believe is an unfair distribution of water resources. In response, their counterparts from three other provinces, which share the […]

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Iran’s Water Crisis Causes Discontent in the Provinces

Via Future Directions International, a look at the impact of Iran’s water crisis in its provinces: Unrest related to the ongoing water scarcity crisis has flared up again in Iran, with water pipelines reportedly sabotaged by farmers in the central Iranian province of Isfahan. The pipelines divert water from that province to neighbouring Yazd province, which farmers […]

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Tehran: Over-Extraction of Water Threatens Iranian Capital

Via EurekAlert, a look at Tehran’s water scarcity crisis: Iran has a water problem. The reserves in many groundwater basins there have been severely depleted. For the last forty years, the country has invested a lot in the agricultural sector and has been striving to be independent in its food supply. In order to cover […]

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