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Water Sharing Tensions Between Iran and Afghanistan Still High as Droughts Ease

Via Future Directions International, a look at water tensions between Iran and Afghanistan: Both Iran and Afghanistan have suffered from prolonged droughts over the last several years. In Afghanistan, the worst drought in decades directly affected two-thirds of the country in 2018-19. Around ten million Afghans were severely impacted by the drought and at least 300,000 were displaced as a result. […]

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Water Politics Heat Up Under Worsening Climate in Afghanistan

Via Thomson Reuters Foundation News, a very interesting article by Stephanie Glinski on how measures to help Afghanistan’s farmers access more water for irrigation could heighten tensions with the nation’s neighbours: In a good year, farmer and mother-of-four Zahra Tawakole can produce enough potatoes from her hectare of land in the small Afghan village of […]

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Water Levels In Iran’s Southern Dams Rising After years

Via The Iran Project, an update on Iran’s water situation: Deluge in the past few days in southern and southeastern Iran has inflicted damages on cities, villages and roads and endangered lives. But at the same time it has helped fill dams that saw little water in years. “There are 30 dams in Sistan-Baluchestan Province, […]

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Water Crisis: Pushing Iran To The Brink

Via The Iran Project, a report on Iran’s water scarcity crisis: One key point on which there is a global consensus is that come what may demand for water MUST be lowered and efficient use be made of water technology As access to water becomes a herculean task in countries big and small, an increasing […]

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Iran’s Urmia Lake Water Level Improves

Via The Iran Project, an update on the status of Lake Umria: In the 7th month of the current Iranian calendar year, Mehr, (starting September 23, 2019), water level in Urmia Lake, has increased by 75 centimeters, i.e. two billion cubic meters, compared to the same month in the year before. Last June, the surface […]

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Can Water Markets Help Iran?

Via The Iran Project, an interesting look at the potential for waters to help quench Iran’s growing thirst: Managing limited resources of water has long been a challenge not only to water users but also policymakers in most countries. Iran is no exception. Geological studies in Iran show that shortages of this vital resource will […]

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