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Iraq: Big Loser of Middle East Water Wars

Via The Asia Times, an article on how the region’s traditional ‘Fertile Crescent’ is running dry due to upstream damming by water hegemons Turkey and Iran: With two of the world’s most famous rivers flowing through it, Iraq was known for centuries as the Middle East’s “Fertile Crescent,” its rich civilizations watered by the Tigris […]

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Iranian President Inspects Khuzestan Water Shortage

Via The Iran Project, an article on Iranian President Raisi visit to Hoor al-Azim Lagoon in order to inspect Khuzestan’s water shortage crisis: President Raisi traveled to the southern province on Friday morning just a day after first cabinet meeting of his administration in capital Tehran. President Raisi, who is visiting Khuzestan in an unannounced program, […]

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The Middle East Is Running Out of Water and Becoming Uninhabitable

Via CNN, a report on how the Middle East is running out of water, and parts of it are becoming uninhabitable: The ferries that once shuttled tourists to and from the little islets in Iran’s Lake Urmia sit rusty, unable to move, on what is rapidly becoming a salt plain. Just two decades ago, Urmia was […]

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Tensions Rise As Iranian Dams Cut Off Iraqi Water Supplies

Via Deutsche Welle, an article on how drought in Iran is sparking protests, but its strategy of building dams to conserve water has devastating consequences across the border in Iraq: Alqod Mahmoud stands on the bank of the Diyala River, staring helplessly into the stagnant pond where deep waters once swelled. Diyala means “shouting river” […]

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Iran’s Decision-Makers To Blame For Its Water Crisis

Via The Guardian, an article on how Iran’s decision-makers must shoulder the blame for its water crisis: Iran’s water bankruptcy has been in the news lately, prompting deadly protests in Khuzestan province that also garnered the attention of global media. But this kind of problem is neither new or unique in the country. Drying rivers, vanishing lakes, shrinking wetlands, declining groundwater levels, […]

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Middle East and North Africa: Dry and Disorderly

Courtesy of The Economist, an article on the parched countries of the Middle East and North Africa: In the neighbourhood of Algiers where the presidential palace and foreign embassies are located, some think the water pressure has increased of late. But don’t tell those living in the suburbs of Algeria’s capital, where the taps have […]

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