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The Parched Tiger: How Did India Arrive At It Worst Water Crisis Ever?

Via IDR online, a list of the reasons why India is experiencing its worst ever water crisis: What underlies India’s insatiable thirst for water? 1. India has a serious water problem The 2030 Water Resources Group estimates that if we continue to consume water as per the current rate, India will have only half the water […]

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Himalayan Towns Facing Imminent Water Crisis

Via, a report on the Himalaya water crisis where the demand-supply gap is as steep as 70% in some parts of the Hindu Kush Himalayan region. Famed mountain retreats such as Mussoorie, Darjeeling and Kathmandu may soon face acute water distress, with a demand-supply gap already as vast as 70% in some towns, new […]

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Thirst Stalking Towns In The Himalayas

Via India Climate Dialogue, a look at how urban settlements in the Hindu Kush Himalayan region are facing acute water scarcity due to dying mountain springs and changes brought on by climate change: The Hindu Kush Himalayan (HKH) region is the water tower for most of Asia, but many of its residents face increasing water […]

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The Parched Tiger: Women Bear Biggest Burden of India’s Water Crisis

Via IDR, a look at how – in India – women are not just integral to addressing the country’s water challenges, they are probably the only ones who can do it at scale: Across cities and villages in India, an impending water crisis is at our doorsteps. India will face a water shortfall of almost 50 […]

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Are The Glaciers That Feed Asia’s Great Rivers Disappearing?

Via Outpost Magazine, a look at some of the glaciers feeding the Ganges river: Berinder and Karin are hidden under their loads with only their legs peeking out, pulling them relentlessly onward and upward. Our scattered porter team is a ragged line, coloured bulbs weaving in and out of rocks and ice, disappearing and then […]

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Asia’s Great Rivers: Climate Crisis, Pollution Put Billions At Risk

Via Terra Daily, a report on the potential risk facing Asia’s great rivers: The year is 2100. The glaciers of the Hindu Kush-Himalayan region — the world’s “Third Pole” — are vanishing as the planet warms, the ice that once fed the great rivers of Asia is all but lost, and with it much of […]

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