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The Parched Tiger: India Confronts Unprecedented Water Crisis

Via The Asia Times, an article on India’s drought: A water crisis of epic proportions looms as taps run dry across urban and rural India. In some parts of the country, private companies are asking their employees to work from home since they have run out of water. However, even as most parts of India reel under […]

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The Parched Tiger: India’s Catastrophic Drought

Via Third Pole, a sobering report that on the severity of India’s drought: On June 5, it drizzled for about ten minutes over most of Marathwada in India’s western state of Maharashtra. That made headlines in the local media, because it was the first time since August 17, 2018, that anyone had seen a drop […]

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Shrinking Glaciers In Indus Basin

Via Geopolitical Monitor, a look at complexities arising from shrinking glaciers on the Indus headwaters: SUMMARY Many of the world’s most iconic river systems – the Mekong, Indus, Yangtze – are fed by glaciers that both supply and modulate their water flow. Now these glaciers are melting due to climate change, threatening irrigation systems, electricity […]

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Impact of Hindu Kush and Himalayan “Grand Melt”

Via The Diplomat, a look at the impact that the melting of the Hindu Kush and Himalayan glaciers would have upon the region: In the last century, human migration in South Asia, the world’s most populous and most densely populated region, was largely caused by geopolitics, wars, socioeconomic constraints and environmental disasters. By the end of […]

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The Parched Tiger: The National River Interlinking Scheme – A Solution to India’s Water Challenges?

Via Future Directions International, an article on India’s National River Interlinking Scheme: Key Points India has a long history of designing, but rarely implementing, grand infrastructure projects that aim to move water from high rainfall areas to arid regions. While the current BJP government supports those grand infrastructure projects, most remain in the planning stage […]

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The Parched Tiger: Fears of a “Water War” Between India and Pakistan are Overstated

Via Future Directions International, commentary on rising Hopes that tensions between India and Pakistan over the Indus Waters Treaty (IWT) might be easing were thrown into doubt, following a terrorist attack in Kashmir last month. Pakistan-based militant group, Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM), claimed responsibility for the attack, which killed 40 Indian soldiers. In response, India launched air raids, targeting […]

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