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Nile Basin Water Wars: One Step Closer to an Agreement?

Via Geopolitical Monitor, a report on negotiations between Ethiopia, Egypt, and Sudan on Nile waters: Earlier last month during the Sochi Summit, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi agreed to resume talks surrounding the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD); a project that has increased tensions and hostilities between Egypt, Ethiopia, and […]

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Egypt’s Water Crisis

Via the World Economic Forum, a report on the impending Nile water crisis, particularly as it impacts Egypt: Ahmed Abd-Rabo used to get all the water he needed to feed his crops 50 km (30 miles) from Egypt’s River Nile. Then supplies in the canal linking his seven acres to the river dwindled as other […]

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Nile Basin Water Wars: The Never-Ending Struggle Between Egypt, Ethiopia, and Sudan

Via Geopolitical Monitor, an article on tensions related to the Nile River: A Conflict through the Decades Known for being the longest river on the African continent, the Nile River has served as a key source of water for all the countries residing in its basin, with Egypt, Ethiopia, and Sudan representing the three countries most […]

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Egypt, Ethiopia Discuss Controversial Nile Dam

Via Terra Daily, a report on recent meetings between Egypt and Ethiopia over the Grand Renaissance Dam: Ethiopia and Egypt’s leaders met on the sidelines of Russia’s Africa summit on Thursday to discuss a contentious dam project on the River Nile, a diplomat said. Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi “delivered a message” to Ethiopian Prime […]

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Egypt ‘Deadlocked’ In Nile dam Talks With Ethiopia

Via Al Jazeera, a report on Egyptian claims that the Ethiopian delegation ‘rejected all the proposals that take Egypt’s water interests into account’: Egypt has said that talks with Sudan and Ethiopia over the operation of a $4bn hydropower dam that Ethiopia is constructing on the Nile have reached a deadlock. Egypt blamed Ethiopia for the impasse and called for […]

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Faced With Climate Change, Addis Ababa Shores Up Its Water Supply

Via Thompson Reuters Foundation, a report on Addis Ababa’s efforts aimed at pumping storing, cleaning and delivering more groundwater: Every day, Tewdros Belay turns on the tap in his home in the heart of Ethiopia’s capital and expects nothing to happen. The rare times when water does trickle from the spout, it is reason to celebrate. […]

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