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China: At The Heart of Rising Nile River Conflict

Via Asia Times, a report on the China-financed Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam which is Africa’s largest and most divisive development project: The Chinese-financed Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), despite a recent breakdown in talks on Africa’s largest development project, risks powering up a range of downstream tensions and rivalries. These run from rising rivalry between Egypt […]

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Water Inequalities in Egypt: Issues Beyond GERD

Via African Arguments, commentary on water inequality in Egypt: The long negotiations between Egypt, Sudan, and Ethiopia on the terms under which the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) will be filled and operated have shown little sign so far of agreement. Egyptian official discourse warned that the GERD could impact the country stressing that Egypt […]

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Nile Dam Talks Hit Yet Another Snarl

Via Al Monitor, a report on the latest round of talks between Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia over the controversial Nile River dam which  collapsed amid Sudanese objections and calls for African Union experts to take on a greater role in resolving the dispute: The latest round of negotiations brokered by the African Union on the filling and operation […]

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Will Egypt Agree To Sell Nile Water?

Via Al Monitor, commentary on the Nile River dispute: As of Dec. 8, Wall Street started trading futures contracts in water, just as it does in gold, oil and basic commodities. This is the first time trading in water as a commodity has taken place in any stock market. This comes at a time when negotiations between Egypt, Ethiopia and […]

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Nile Dam Dispute: Sudan, Egypt, Ethiopia Agree To More Talks

Via Al Jazeera, a report on how the three counties will hold more talks over disputed dam this month after previous negotiations failed to reach a deal: Sudan, Egypt and Ethiopia agreed on Sunday to hold further talks this month to resolve their long-running dispute over the Addis Ababa’s huge dam on the Blue Nile, […]

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Ethiopia’s Hydro-Hegemony

Via The National Interest, a report on how, while the dam dispute between Ethiopia and Egypt most often garners international press, the cases impacting Kenya and Somalia show that the pattern of Ethiopian defiance of international norms cuts deeper: After initial denials, Ethiopia began last summer to fill its Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam. The Ethiopian project is […]

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