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Canadian Ambassador: Water Wars With U.S. Will Become Bigger Issue Than Pipelines

Via the Vancouver Sun, an article reporting that some senior Canadian diplomats think that water wars with the U.S. will soon become more important than current cross-border deliberations over potential petroleum pipelines: Canada must prepare for diplomatic water wars with the U.S., as demand on both sides of the border grows for this vital but […]

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Canadians: Thirsty For A National Water Strategy

Via The Calgary Herald, an article on Canada’s water issues: In the future, prosperous nations will be those with enough water for food, cities, industry and nature — and know how to ensure each gets the amount it needs. But Canada’s prosperity is at risk because our water is increasingly at risk. Indeed, there is […]

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Hydropolitical Vulnerability and Environmental Security

Via Aquadoc, news that the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) is publishing a series on the hydropolitical vulnerability and resilence of international water resources on all the inhabited continents.  As the article notes: “… a nation is hydropolitically vulnerable if there is the potential for conflict to arise with another nation(s) over a particular international […]

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The Great Lakes: An International Water Bank With Very Low Interest Rates

Courtesy of The Vancouver Sun, an interesting article on a report that indicates even the Great Lakes aren’t great enough to sustain North Americans’ reckless water use in the event of a continentwide water shortage. As the piece notes: “…I think we have to stop considering the Great Lakes as the thing that’s going to […]

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Great Lakes Compact: Another Step Forward

Via Circle of Blue, news that the U.S. House of Representatives has blocked diverting any new water from the Great Lakes and forces bordering states to adhere to new conservation standards. This will prohibit any new diversions of the water to other places.  As the article notes: “…As of Tuesday, grandiose visions of Lake Michigan […]

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Great Lakes Compact: Loose Ends Not Bottled Up?

As recently reported by AlterNet, there are a few analysts who charge that the Great Lakes compact, as written, will actually facilitate the commercial export of Great Lakes water: “…For 25 years, residents around the Great Lakes have worried that thirstier regions (or even countries) would make designs on their water. The lakes’ bounty as […]

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