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Brazil Edges To Brink of Epic Water Crisis

Via The Globe and Mail, a report on Sao Paulo’s worsening water crisis: One of the world’s biggest cities is running out of water. Sao Paulo, a city of 20 million people, could run dry within weeks. The humanitarian and economic cost would be immense. The fiasco should be a global wakeup call for other […]

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Explaining São Paulo, Brazil’s Water Crisis

Via the World Resources Institute, several maps detailing São Paulo’s water crisis: The worst drought to grip São Paulo, Brazil and neighboring states in 80 years is wreaking havoc on the local population. As of late October, key reservoirs hold less than two weeks’ worth of drinking water. Schools and health centers are closing early, […]

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Sao Paulo’s Water Waiting Game: No Rationing But High Risk Of Severe Shortage

Courtesy of Circle of Blue, a detailed look at how the desire to protect the poor left Brazil’s driest city few options other than new pipes and prayers for rain: Sao Paulo’s Cantareira reservoirs, which supply half of the city’s 20 million people, are just 12 percent full.Click image to enlarge. A risky decision by […]

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Unprecedented Drought Puts Sao Paulo Water Supply At Risk

Via The Globe and Mail, a report on Sao Paulo’s water crisis: It’s a game of chance, every time Zeina Reis da Cruz turns on her taps: Will anything come out? “Sometimes I have no water for two days, then it comes back on the next day and the day after that, I have no […]

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Political Implications Of Brazil’s Drought

Courtesy of STRATFOR (subscription required), a detailed analysis of the political implications of Brazil’s drought: A general view shows the Jaguari Dam, one of the main reservoirs supplying Sao Paulo, Brazil, with its water level to 12 percent of its total capacity on April 25. Summary The current drought in Brazil has already affected the […]

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Sao Paulo: Facing Severe Water Shortages

Courtesy of Circle of Blue, a detailed look at how Sao Paulo’s recent drought is forcing water managers to face new conditions of supply and demand in world’s ninth largest city: With a population of 20 million, the Sao Paulo metropolitan area is the largest city in Brazil and the ninth largest in the world. […]

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