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The Water – Taliban Connection

Via The Conversation, a report on the Taliban’s seizure of Herat and a nearby dam that provides water and power to hundreds of thousands of Afghans: The Taliban have taken over the Afghan city of Herat, capping three weeks of furious fighting in which both men and women took up arms to defend their city while many residents […]

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Bone Dry Afghanistan Faces Future Famines

Via Third Pole, an article on how limate change, bad water management and decades of conflict have left the country unprepared to face worsening droughts due to climate change, with many now fleeing drought and hunger: With scant rainfall meaning little access to clean water either to drink or for irrigation, Khiolo, her husband and […]

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Millions At Risk of Displacement As Afghanistan Faces Extreme Drought

Via ReliefWeb, a report that millions are at risk of displacement as Afghanistan faces extreme drought: Severe drought in Afghanistan could trigger the displacement of thousands of families, according to the latest IRC assessment across five provinces in the West, South and East of the country. This comes during an alarming increase in violence in recent weeks, […]

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Afghan Leader Demands Iranian Oil in Exchange for River Water

Via VOA News, a report on Afghan – Iranian water tensions: Afghan President Ashraf Ghani said Wednesday that his country is committed to give Iran its due share of water under a decades-long bilateral treaty but he stressed that Tehran will have to pay for any additional requirements.   “We will honor our commitments. However, […]

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Dam Agreement Highlights India’s Water Power Gambit in Afghanistan

Via The Diplomat, a report on a recent agreement between India and Afghanistan regarding the construction of a new dam: Amid Afghanistan’s political churn, New Delhi and Kabul signed a $236 million dollar deal for the construction of Shahtoot Dam on February 9. This developmental project would provide safe drinking water to approximately 2.2. million people and […]

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Afghanistan and Iran: From Water Treaty To Water Dispute

Via The Interpreter, a report on how a dam near completion on the Helmand River in Afghanistan is at the centre of a disagreement over water rights: With an estimated 75 billion cubic metres (BCM) of water annually, Afghanistan is, on paper, a self-sufficient water country. However, the country also “has one of the lowest levels of water storage capacity in […]

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