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Tapped Out: Where Is California’s Water Going?

Courtesy of Circle of Blue, a report on the battle over water between small and large farmers in central California? Farmers in the heart of California’s agricultural belt – Kings County – sense something is awry with their water supplies. In this intensively farmed, perennially dry county, water is leaving at a concerning rate.  “We’ve […]

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New Protests In Iran Over Water Shortages

Via Terra Daily, a report on Iran’s drought: More than 1,000 Iranians marched Sunday towards the governor’s office in the western province of Chahar-Mahal Bakhtiari to demand a solution to water shortages, state media reported. The march came two days after thousands of protesters converged on the central city of Isfahan to vent their anger […]

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South Asia’s Water Crisis: A Problem Of Scarcity & Politicization

Via JetSet Times, a report on South Asia’s Water scarcity has emerged particularly as a highly contentious and critical issue within South Asia, one of the world’s most dynamic regions and home to nearly two billion people. One of the recently released United Nations World Water Development Reports warns that by 2030, only 60% of the world’s […]

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Somalia Faces ‘Rapidly Worsening’ Drought: UN

Via Terra Daily, a report on Somalia’s drought: Somalia’s “rapidly worsening” drought has left more than two million people facing severe food and water shortages, the United Nations said, warning of a fourth consecutive season of poor rainfall in the conflict-wracked country. “About 2.3 million people in 57 of 74 districts… are ravaged by serious […]

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Israel, Jordan to Sign Water-for-Energy Deal

Via The Palestine Chronicle, a report on a water-for-energy agreement signed between Israel and Jordan: A deal between Israel and Jordan that will see an exchange of solar power and freshwater between the two countries is expected to be signed next week, according to Haaretz. The terms of the agreement state that solar energy produced […]

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Drought and Crumbling Infrastructure: Threats to Kyrgyzstan’s Agricultural Sector

Via The Diplomat, a report on how the agricultural sector’s struggles with water scarcity presage wider troubles in Kyrgyzstan if infrastructure and policies cannot be fixed: According to a World Food Program forecast, the summer of 2021 was predicted to be much drier, hotter, and with little rainfall for the entire Central Asian region than previous […]

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