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The Parched Tiger: Groundwater Plummets in Delhi, City of 29 Million

Courtesy of Circle of Blue, a report on Delhi’s water crisis where experts warn the city could reach “zero groundwater levels” by 2020: Delhi is running short — maybe even out — of groundwater. A harrowing report in June from NITI Aayog, a government-chartered think tank, warned that Delhi, along with 20 other Indian cities, could reach […]

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Kabul Faces Water Crisis

Via Space War, a look at Kabul’s water crisis: Standing in his garden in Kabul, Baz Mohammad Kochi oversees the drilling of a new well more than 100 metres deep after his first water reservoir dried up. He is not alone. A shortage of rain and snow, a booming population and wasteful consumption have drained […]

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Water Conflicts That Could Boil Over In 2019

Courtesy of Circle of Blue, a look at some simmering water crises that could boil over in 2019: In 2018, water sparked quarrels across the globe, from the mountains of Central Asia to the world’s driest desert. Water systems were also a casualty and target of conflict. In Eastern Ukraine, water infrastructure was shelled repeatedly. In Libya, a desalination […]

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Pakistan: Water Theft Drains Indus Canals Dry

Courtesy of The Third Pole, a report on how rampant theft from Pakistan’s irrigation canals, in collusion with influential politicians and the military, means farmers downstream can no longer grow crops: Bilal Israel Khan has 500 acres of land in Sadiqabad, Rahim Yar Khan district of Pakistan’s Punjab province bordering Sindh. Farming since 1972, he […]

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Iranian Lawmakers Fight Over Water Share

Via Al Monitor, an article on Iran’s water crisis: Eighteen lawmakers representing constituencies from the central Iranian province of Esfahan, where water scarcity has reached an alarming state, have resigned collectively in a symbolic move against what they believe is an unfair distribution of water resources. In response, their counterparts from three other provinces, which share the […]

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