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In Northeastern Brazil, Drought Runs The Economy Dry

Via WorldCrunch, a report on the impact that Brazil’s drought has had upon some of its region’s economies: For months now, water taps in some of northeastern Brazil’s cities have been running dry. Not during certain hours of the day. Or certain days of the week. But all the time. Morning and night. Day after […]

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Bangkok Tap Water May Run Out In A Month

Via Eco-Business, a report on Bangkok’s worsening water situation: Bangkok’s tap water supply may run out in a month, as the country waits for long overdue rains to replenish sources depleted by drought and threatened by seawater creep, the chief of the capital’s water authority said. Thailand is suffering its worst drought in more than a […]

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São Paulo: Anatomy Of A Failing Megacity As Water Taps Run Dry

Courtesy of The Guardian, a detailed look at Sao Paulo in the wake of its water crisis: In São Paulo, drinking water is used to flush toilets, bathe and, until very recently, to wash cars and even hose down city pavements, as porters use jets of crystalline water to shift those last specks of grime. […]

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Eight Major World Cities Running Out Of Water

Via Alternet, an interesting look at major cities around the world at risk of water scarcity: Earlier this year, an obscure United Nations document, the World Water Development Report, unexpectedly made headlines around the world. The report made the startling claim that the world would face a 40 percent shortfall in freshwater in as soon as […]

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Indian Tribes: Water Dealmakers In Drying Colorado River Basin

Courtesy of Circle of Blue, a very interesting look at the role that native Americans – who hold 20 percent of the Colorado River basin’s water rights – will have in shaping the future of the Southwest: Mired in drought and torched by one of the hottest years ever measured, the seven states of the […]

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US Groundwater: On The Move Overseas In Food Exports

Via Smithsonian Magazine, an interesting look at how US groundwater is leaving the country in the form of food exports: Freshwater in the United States is really on the move. Much of the water pulled from underground reservoirs called aquifers gets incorporated into crops and other foodstuffs, which are then are shuttled around the country […]

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