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Water Scarcity And Conflict At The Ethiopia-Kenya Border

Via The Sojourner Project, an article on how water shortages are contributing to tribal clashes along the Kenyan-Ethiopian border: Water shortages at the Kenyan-Ethiopian border are contributing to tribal clashes-specifically between the Kenyan Turkana and the Ethiopian tribes Dassanech, Nyangatom and Mursi. The Horn of Africa as been called a hot spot of climate change- subject […]

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Stalled Water-Sharing Treaty Frustrates Bangladesh

Via AlertNet, a report on Bangladesh’s rising frustration with India over the fair distribution of water from the Teesta river: Bangladeshi Foreign minister Dipu Moni is nothing if not optimistic. Asked about the possibility of agreeing with India on the fair distribution of water from the Teesta river, she insists that “We are hopeful of […]

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Splash And Grab: The Global Scramble For Water

Courtesy of the New Scientist, an article on how what we call land-grabbing is often more about access to irrigation: AS FRENCH troops battled with jihadists in Mali at the start of the year, some people had reason to be thankful for the chaos. Two million fishers, farmers and herders live on the inner delta […]

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Indus River: Water Scarcity And The Conflict Between Sindh And Punjab

Via Eurasia Review, an article on water conflicts on the Indus: Satellite image of the Indus River basin in Pakistan, India, and China. The basic source of irrigation for Pakistan agriculture is the Indus River. Water resources are becoming shorter due to the irregular flow of water in the Indus River. To overcome the problem […]

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Water Wars In The United States?

Courtesy of Circle of Blue, Peter Gleick’s commentary on the possibility of water wars in the United States: OK, put away your guns. We’re not talking shooting wars, at least not yet, at least not in the U.S. We’re talking politicians shooting off their mouths, political wars, and court battles. But water is serious business. […]

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Nile Basin Relations: Egypt, Sudan And Ethiopia

From the Elliott School of International Affairs, a slightly dated – but comprehensive – overview of the Nile Basin relationships: Nile Geography and Hydrology The Nile River is the longest in the world while the Nile Basin covers 1.3 million square miles, making it slightly larger than India. There are ten riparian countries — Egypt, […]

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