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Global Water Crisis…From The First Himalayan Glacial Trickle

Via Yahoo, an interesting article on one reporter’s views of the water stress from the effects of climate change high in the Himalayas where India and Pakistan’s great rivers start to Haiti’s fresh-water pollution: In the Nepalese Himalayas in 2009, I trekked into the Langtang Valley, just short of the Tibetan border, and to a […]

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Amid Egypt Crisis, Addis Pushes Nile Dam

Via Terra Daily, a look at Ethiopia’s efforts to complete a massive Blue Nile dam: Ethiopia is driving to complete its massive $4.8 billion Grand Renaissance Dam on the Blue Nile amid a long-running dispute with Egypt that will likely worsen in the months ahead unless addressed. Egypt faces destabilization as it stands to lose […]

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Water Supply Could be Halved In Africa And Middle East

Via Prensa Latina, summary of a recent worrying UN report on water supplies: Water supply in the countries of Africa and the Middle East could be halved by 2050 due to the population increase, according to a report released at the 18th Conference of the Parties (COP18) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate […]

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